About Us

Our company Mehta Electronics & Component though established in 1996 has provided users & dealers with quality machines from both West & East, we have expertise in sourcing of good quality used machinery for users and dealers at prices that are cost effective. Our well established chain of overseas suppliers offer us quality products as they are familiar with our policy of serving the best to the industry.

We always are looking to enhance our supplier’s base and therefore are open to Offers from new committed suppliers for our line of products. We offer consistency in business and look for long term relations, we believe that regular business and consistency in the long run enhances mutual trust and confidence in each other.

We develop electronic components that meet the high-tech demands of modern society. These key components can be found in almost every automated or digital product we come across in our day-to-day lives.

Mehta Electronic Components is both sold and supported in asia pacific via a network of approved partners and distributors. For more information please write us at sales@mehtaelectronicsindia.com .

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